Using Panopto in Canvas

WACC 2017, Tacoma

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Amelia Garripoli, CIS Faculty, Olympic College

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Panopto Records Your Class

  • You control content/view/quality

  • Students can:

    • navigate video without streaming

    • bookmark/annotate

    • use RSS feed

    • download (MP4)


Panopto Setup

  • Include in course shell

  • Check machine setup

  • Choose what’s in the recording

  • Recording quality

  • Other settings

Put Panopto in Course Shell

  • Course Settings

    • Navigation

      • Slide Panopto up to the visible list

    • SAVE to keep the navigation change

  • Set videos downloadable in folder (check security)

  • Put reminders in each module …​ more on this later

Panopto Folder Settings

pan downloads

Check Panopto

  • Click

    • Panopto Recordings

    • Create

    • Record a New Session

    • Launch Panopto

      If nothing happens, Panopto is not installed on the machine (needs admin to install)

      Panopto may require a login (use your Canvas credentials)

What’s Recorded

  • Primary Screen

  • You (it’s a good thing, really): audio and/or video

  • Secondary Screen (not such a good thing…​ replay hard)

  • PowerPoint (optional, adds text search)

What’s Recorded Settings

pan singlemonitor

Quality of Webcam

  • Primary input is webcam (audio/visual)

  • video yes/no — check lighting

  • audio yes/no — check sound strength (turn it UP)

  • quality: affects head size and sound

Sound quality depends on …​

  • The HVAC

  • What noise-generators are near your microphone (SURFACE PRO 3)

  • Quality of your microphone (LG750 over LG760 and LG730)

  • How far away you are from the microphone

    • If you wander, get a bluetooth setup in the room — but test sound again!

  • Repeat the question! (students voices dim at best, off-mike)

Quality Settings

pan singlemonitor

Quality of Main Screen (1)

  • fps = frames per second kbps - kb per second, impacts frame size

  • screen resolution, fps, kbps interact to determine recording size; lower is smaller

  • 15fps works for most screen use and ok corner webcam

  • 30fps gives good webcam recording if full head-shot and screen activity

Quality of Main Screen (2)

  • 1280x720 resolution captures 12-point fonts on full-size viewing; 16-point fonts viewable on phablets (640x480 very small; 1920x1080 very large)

  • kbps, bit rate control — higher settings will give bigger files with more quality (it’s always a trade-off); 750kbps or min permitted for resolution.

Check settings

  • choose folder (set to current class)

  • recording name — consider using date, class, module

  • under Basic Settings

    • check the recording location — somewhere persistent, but not a thumb or network drive

    • if no second monitor, click "Minimize when recording"

  • under Advanced Settings, click "Capture in MP4 format"

Settings (New Recording)

pan choosefolder

Settings (Basic)

pan basicsettings

Settings (Advanced)

pan advancedsettings

Panopto Use

  • How to Record

  • The Upload

  • Fixing problems

  • Student view

  • Download recordings

  • Embed recordings

  • Adding subtitles

  • And more…​


  • put Panopto controls on secondary screen or use minimize when recording setting

  • the Round Red RECORD button

  • Pause may not be your friend (check the recording if you use it; lost in re-rendering)

  • You’re on!

  • When done, click the Square Red STOP button


  • Uploading doesn’t start until recording is done.

  • Coordinate with the next instructor in the room

    • if they don’t need Panopto, leave it running (lock your login but leave it up) so the upload continues

    • if they use Panopto, exit Panopto; otherwise they have to reboot to kill your Panopto to get theirs to start. Your upload continues when they start Panopto

  • If you have to cancel or leave your upload, copy the MP4’s for the screen and video/audio (MP3 if just audio) to upload them from another machine (use course’s Files area if you don’t have a thumb drive)


pan upload


  • Upload fails

  • Sound quality bad

Failed Upload?

  • Use Panopto Recordings→ Create → Upload Media to create a video from saved MP4’s.

  • Video/Audio (##.DV.localview.mp4) is primary (upload it)

  • Screen (##.SCREEN.localview.mp4) is secondary (edit it in)

  • .panrv format if MP4 not selected

  • Only need to save these two if you have to walk away from the PC (direct upload to course shell in a pinch for later)

Panopto Recording Files

pan files

Sound quality bad?

  • Re-record

  • or Fix (. samples):

    • make recording as MP4’s, use the one with .DV

    • Audacity+LAME+FFMPEG to edit (makes an MP3).

    • Normalize to make it louder

    • Noise Reduction to remove static ( how-to )

    • Replace the video primary feed with the improved audio (Advanced Edit on Safari/IE)

What the students see

  • The Panopto Experience

    • streaming

    • bookmarks/notes

    • speed up/slow down/pause

  • The RSS feed/podcast/downloaded videos

Adjusting the "podcast"

  • Style of layout

    • picture-in-picture

    • just primary

    • just secondary (includes audio)

    • tile all (not recommended for reading screens)

  • quality of podcast rendering

    • 576p (30fps)

    • 720p (30fps) ←- best compromise tablet v. PC

    • 1080p (30fps) ←- PC, not streaming video

    • 1080p (60fps) ←- PC, streaming video

Podcast Settings

pan podcastquality

Reminding students

Embed the Video in a page, part 1

  • Panopto Recordings

  • mouseover the …​ by the video you want to bring up the admin menu

  • select Share

  • Select Embed

  • Copy the <iframe…​ code in the text area

    --- continued on next slide

Get Embed HTML code

pan embedcode

Embed the Video in a page, part 2

  • Edit the Page you want to put it on

  • Click HTML Editor

  • paste this HTML code on the page (put it at the top if you aren’t HTML-comfortable, you can move it next)

  • Click Rich Text Editor

  • If you don’t like where the video is, select it and cut-and-paste it where you want it on the page.

Pasted Result (HTML)

pan embedpaste

Pasted Result (Page)

pan embeddedvideo

The RSS shortcut for students

  • Do this on FIREFOX

  • Go to Panopto Recordings

  • Click orange RSS icon

  • Click "Subscribe to RSS" in the pop-up menu

  • A page comes up listing the videos, click to view or right-click to download.

  • Students can bookmark that link and return to it to see new videos

RSS Feed for Course Recordings

pan rss list

Subtitles? (1)

SRT file example

pan srtfile

Subtitles? (2)

  • Add the captions to your recording after it is uploaded and processed:

    • Panopto Recordings

    • mouseover the …​ by the video you want to bring up the admin menu

    • select Settings

    • select Captions

    • Click Browse …​ and pick the srt file

    • Click Upload Captions

Subtitles in Panopto

  • Not included in the Podcast/MP4 download

  • Stream on the side as the student views the recording

  • Sample Subtitled Video

Subtitles in Panopto

click View in Panopto to see captions

Other Panopto Tips

  • Clean up local videos through the app

  • Editing in Panopto - limited, but can cut off a start/end

  • Bookmarks/Notes can be published (won’t be in the downloaded MP4s)

  • Viewing statistics (won’t register downloads, just views within the viewer)


Bonus: Video from January 2016 QM FLC on this topic


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