Prof. Amelia Garripoli   


Prof. Amelia Garripoli

  • CIS/IS Faculty and CS Adjunct Olympic College
  • OC Office: 12-222A, Bremerton Campus
  • NOTE: on Leave for 2019-2020 academic year
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My Background

In high school, I told my dad I either wanted to be a poet, or a programmer. He told me to take the programmer route, and it's been a terrific adventure.

I got to work at Digital Equipment Corporation's Database Research Group while getting my Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Colorado, and then went on to work at Hewlett-Packard's database group in California while getting my Master's Degree in Computer Science specializing in Database Systems from Stanford University.

I was an active participant on the ANSI and ISO SQL Committees for Hewlett-Packard, Sybase, Cloudscape, Informix, and IBM. I researched and implemented relational database systems, object oriented database systems and object-relational database systems in a wide variety of languages and platforms. Here's a Tech Report I co-authored on OSQL.

A gem in my crown was developing major portions of the all-Java ORDBMS Cloudscape and running several of its release cycles; this software lives on in the public domain, having been contributed by IBM to Apache as Apache Derby. The highest position I achieved was VP Engineering at Cloudscape (thanks, wayback machine!).

In 2001, I left the technology sector and diverted to fiber arts. I became a well-known fiber art teacher and blogger, as Ask The Bellwether. That gave me a terrific opportunity to hone my teaching skills and to be a technology consumer, setting up my own blog and e-commerce website and developing print publications.


It's great to be combining my fascination with programming with my love of teaching, here at Olympic College. I look forward to sharing my industry experience and exploring technology in the classroom.


P.S. Why yes, that is me on the OC Staff & Faculty page.

After OC

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Look on employers' websites. Typically in the footer you will find a "Careers" link that will show you their current openings. Those can be quite enlightening in terms of company culture, upcoming projects, and desired skills.

🎓 Continue your Education

If you were pursuing an AAS-T, you may be continuing to a Bachelor's program. Consider OC's own BAS-IS program as well as pursuing options at other colleges and universities. See "Transfer from OC" for more information. OC's Advising Center can help with making post-OC education plans.

Many websites provide continuing education. What's most important is to pick one and continue your studies. Information Systems requires lifelong learning; keep in tune with current trends and pursue new technologies when they appear.

Here are some websites to explore:

  • — a great collection of technology, creative, and business courses, available at a monthly rate. Check with your local library, they may offer free access.
  • — free courses in a wide variety of subjects; can pay to gain certificates for course completion
  • TEDEd — amazing lessons on a wide variety of topics
  • — free courses from US universities on a wide variety of subjects in science, art, and technology
  • — a free BSCS-equivalent program, self-directed
  • — free learning in math, science, and programming
  • — fun refresher tutorials in SQL, C#, HTML, and many more topics

If you know of others, please send me a pointer.

Here is an amazing writeup that captures so many right things on being a software developer: Step-by-step Path to Becoming a Great Software Developer, by John Sonmez.

Here is a great writeup that describes very well the skills needed by a software engineer: An Industry Guide to Becoming a Software Engineer, by Bill Langenberg.